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Cleveland 1-Year-Old Shot by 3-Year-Old Brother [Video]

Cleveland 1-Year-Old Shot by 3-Year-Old Brother

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams calls Sunday’s fatal shooting of a 1-year-old

A three-year-old boy from Cleveland, Ohio picked up an unattended firearm inside their home and accidentally shot it resulting to the death of his one-year-old brother. According to, Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams confirmed the incident and it happened on Sunday afternoon. The one-year-old was shot in the head and when taken to a hospital near their home, the baby was pronounced dead.

Williams shared with the publication that the police officials are still determining where the gun came from or who owns the weapon. Williams added that the person who left the weapon or who owns it might be charged upon completion of the investigation. Williams pointed out that the person who owned or left the handgun knew that there were children that can reach it, but did not do anything to safeguard the weapon.

Williams did not give other information about how the child got the gun but he noted that the mother was at the said home when the incident took place. The crime scene investigation group took over an hour to gather evidences and take note of witnesses’ accounts.

The mother lived in the house with three small children but no other information as to who else is in the place was released. Williams also said in a press conference that people’s fascination with having and owning handguns should stop not only in Ohio but all over the United States. He highlighted the fact that lives are being lost due to handguns being left unattended, San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The neighbors of the family of the victim shared that they were a nice family and that they were sad that such incident had to happen.

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