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‘Sex Box’ The Public Demoralization of Television Programming

'Sex Box' The Public Demoralization of Television Programming

Since porn is now free to anybody with a WiFi connection, one cable channel is looking to compete by letting you watch (loosely speaking)  couples get it on in a box. It gets worse! All you get to see is the sex box!

WeTV is one of the hundreds of cable channels attempting to figure out just what kind of garbage you want streaming in the background as you fold laundry, and coming soon, they’ve heralded a television show that started in England called Sex Box.

Just in case the premise past you, here is the gist of the show. The stage is outfitted with a large box that is big enough for two people to have sex in… and then two people go into the box and have sex in it.

Wait, what happens on Sex Box?

Couples have sex on TV.

But where???

In the sex box!

Do we get to watch those coupes have sex?

Yes. Well, kinda. actually, not really.

The couples are in that box, and that box is not see-through, so you only get to see the box.


It is well known that they’re having sex because some guy you’ve never heard of before will advise the “lucky” couple once they get on, “there’s no backing out now.”

Remember, no means no, but box means yes.

And then what?

Three people you’ve never heard of before will question them about the experience of  having sex in a box on TV.

Premieres Friday, Feb 27th, on that one random cable channel WeTV.

By Stevenson Benoit


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