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How the Black Empowerment Movement Has Led to Diluting Through the Illusion of Inclusion

How the Black Empowerment Movement Has Led to the Diluting Through the Illusion of Inclusion

Before I go into my long diatribe of how the African equality movement has been diluted, I first want to say that if you don’t identify with your African roots you more than likely will not be receptive to this. If you have been conditioned, like I have, to not question the status quo, the conceived norms of American society, UNLESS you feel that something isn’t right, you will not be receptive of this message. If the belief that white Jesus and white money will deliver you from your poverty, go ahead and click back now. This message isn’t for you… unless something deep inside already told you that but you haven’t come across information just to validate your sub-conscious.

Socially speaking, integration has seemingly been a great thing. Great to whom though? To every single entity that does not, I repeat DOES NOT, identify with the motherland and her people. We’ve come a long way though it would seem. We have a black president. We’re no longer slaves. We presumably have “equal rights”. We have affirmative action. We have the NAACP. We have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and on top of that, “My president is black and my lambo blue.” We are allowed to vote. We have jobs (some of us), and healthcare (some of us), and homes. We own property (small percentage of us), we are active in a positive way in our community (even smaller number of us), and we believe the system works (yet a smaller portion still).

Truth be told, when it comes to voting, brothers and sisters, the popular vote doesn’t elect the president. Through the illusion of inclusion, you’re allowed to cast your ballot for who you favor but in the end, it is the electoral college (former slave owners and property owners) that chooses who’s up next, not you. Case in point was the Al Gore/George W. Bush election. Al Gore WON the popular vote (possibly because of his association with Bill Clinton) by thousands of votes but it was George W. Bush that won the ELECTORAL votes. Thousands of minority votes were thrown out in that scandal but it doesn’t matter. In the end, it comes down to who the “electoral college” has chosen to run the country. For those who claim that Bill Clinton was the first black president, Al Gore would have presumably been the second. And than after him would come Obama. Seeing IS NOT believing when what you see is manipulated by the powers that be. Seeing, indiscriminate of ALL outside forces, is believing.

How the Black Empowerment Movement Has Led to Diluting Through the Illusion of InclusionWe have jobs though. Yes we sure do but!!! Statistics have shown that majority of the African-American population works to the benefit of another group of people. While many Whites, Asians, Hispanics, and Arabs work to better their communities in respect to economic power and influence, African-Americans still remain the biggest spenders wasting our hard earned income on businesses that don’t give two shits about our demise. While we remain, by percentage, the largest labor force pre-immigration, less than one percent of these “job-makers” are a brother or sister that IDENTIFIES with their people.

Obamacare is one of the biggest farces Uncle Sam has come up with. If you do your research, and Google makes it that much easier, Obamacare is the same as Romneycare and had Hillary Rodham Clinton won instead of Obama, it would have been Clintoncare or Clinton’ Affordable Healthcare Act. If in fact, they had your best interests in mind, WHY WOULD THEY FINE SOMEONE WHO CHOOSES NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN OBAMACARE come tax time??? IF YOU DO NOT TAKE HANDOUTS FROM THE GOVERNMENT and decide to be SELF-SUFFICIENT, WHY do you have to pay a PENALTY to an entity that is doing nothing for you in the first place? If you go back in time, when Obama was campaigning for Obamacare, he remarked that one of the main differences between his healthcare act and Hillary’s was that it was not mandated and you would not  be penalized. Is that not what is happening as we speak?!?!? Ask yourself. I’m just saying.

Some claim they own homes. As long as you’re making a mortgage payment, you don’t own anything. You’re paying interest on a home that isn’t worth half of the asking price but since they manipulate the markets you go along with it. You make payments to bank who loans money in excess of 10% of what they actually have in deposits to companies who’s main goal is gentrification. Don’t know what that means? Google it. For too long we have adopted the lie of ignorance is bliss. Where is bliss when the eviction notice and foreclosure notice comes? Can you say you didn’t know? Can you say that you weren’t aware? Hell no! Stop believing that ignorance is bliss because another well known saying is “knowledge is power”. Statistically speaking, African-Americans have the least grasp on knowledge of the American system. Learn their laws! Learn how they operate! Do your own counter-surveillance. They did their homework. Did you?

How the Black Empowerment Movement Has Led to Diluting Through the Illusion of InclusionYou are economically, physiologically, and naturally placed at a disadvantage. Well what about the celebrities that make it out the hood? What about them? When is the last time you walked down the street from your house and came across one of these famous black celebrities and they imparted some meaningful wisdom? Forget giving money, toys, food etc. When was the last time one of THEM came back and brought you a game plan that could save your WHOLE neighborhood? Where are our Black-owned banks? Where are our Black-owned utility companies and grocery stores? Where is our basic economic infrastructure? We don’t have it!!!! After the razing of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we accepted that the powers that be won’t let us have our own without interference and have adopted the illusion of inclusion.

Again, I tell you do your research. Look up how we prospered post-slavery only to move backwards instead of forward. The lines have been blurred. The Black movement has been diluted. No one single, government recognized organization, is in place specifically and ONLY for the betterment of African Americans. What about the NAACP? The National Association for Advancement of Certain People, I mean Colored People? The name alone tells you that it is not JUST for African American rights. Don’t forget that Hispanics are deemed colored people, ie brown people. Asians are considered to be yellow. Don’t dilute the needs of African Americans through inclusion. Be VERY specific!

I know many people will feel offended by this but I don’t care! I’m un-apologetically African and it is obvious that we are the only group of people without a united front. A Hindu man was paralyzed by police brutality a couple weeks ago and the government officials issued an apology to the man’s native land for his treatment at the hands of police. A GoFundMe campaign was initiated on his behalf and to date has raised over $100K. Funnier still is the arresting officer, Eric Parker in the incident has a GoFundMe fundraiser as well and already has raised over $3,000 in only three days. Not only that, but the officer was charged and arrested. Towards the end of 2014, a Hindu national was accosted by American law enforcement in D.C. which strained American relations with Hindus until certain accommodations were made. Chinese nationals, unless caught red-handed in some illegal dealings have been treated with more respect than African Americans because of the might of Red China. The list goes on. Look it up! The internet, until they successfully censor it, is a mecca of information.

How the Black Empowerment Movement Has Led to Diluting Through the Illusion of InclusionInclusion has brought a diluting of the Black agenda. As the feminist movement, LGBT movement, and other movements take precedence, black people are and their goals go by the wayside. Our requests, our goals, our ideals and needs go un-answered. So called “Black leaders” are funded by the opposition and we end up going nowhere. Don’t believe me? Look up Obama’s biggest campaign contributors. Look up Al Sharpton’s organization. By the way, Sharpton’s businesses have a habit of not paying taxes BUT you don’t hear the US government or the IRS is going after him for tax evasion. THINK ABOUT IT!

I’m not here to convince you. I’m here to lay out the information so you can decide for yourself. Anything I’ve mentioned is easily verifiable if you look it up. I have said nothing new, but through this illusion of inclusion, we feel that we are better off. NO WAY! We are still fighting just for our survival. Forget equal rights. I don’t want YOUR rights. I want an EQUAL opportunity to build, sustain, and improve my people and community. Where is Little Africa or Little Ghana? Where is our Black Department of Education? THINK ABOUT IT! When these laws and ordinances were enacted they did not have the benefit of African Americans in mind. Do for yourself my brothers and sisters! Lift each other up! Build one another! Stop being a sellout to the machine! White Jesus NEVER loved us!!!

By Stevenson Benoit

PS. Look up the stats!!! At the ascendancy of “black power” the black power base becomes moot. You can’t say I didn’t warn you!


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