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Sharknado Hits Australia as Shark Washes Ashore after Twin Cyclones


Sharknado Hits Australia as Shark Washes Ashore after Twin Cyclones

The shark, believed to be a dusky whaler, was reportedly dumped on Lennox Head.

A shark washed up on the shore of an east coast Australian beach after Cyclone Marcia smashed the Queensland.

A resident from Lennox Head uploaded a photo of the shark on Facebook.

The shark is an approximately four-foot Dusky Whaler Shark, resident Victor Leto wrote on Facebook.

In the photo comments, he said it was unclear how the shark ended up on the shore, but speculated that fishermen could have been wrestling with it, causing the line to snap and the weakened shark to later wash up on the beach because of the weather.

Coincidentally, Universal Orlando announced that ‘Sharknado 3’ began filming “key scenes” at their resort on Thursday.

Northern Australia was hit by two powerful cyclones, Cyclone Marcia and Cyclone Lam, which tore roofs and doors off houses, knocked out power to thousands, and prompted residents to flee their homes.

Cyclone Marcia packed wind gusts of 180 miles per hour.

Despite the raging winds and torrential downpour, no injuries had been reported, and both systems were weakening as they moved over the land.

ABC News


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