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Leaked Emails Embarrass Guardian Liberty Voice Part 2

Leaked Emails Embarrass Guardian Liberty Voice Part 2

Guardian Liberty Voice, a Las Vegas-based online news and information platform, was exposed earlier this week with the release of private emails between management. In the GLV emails, both newly-appointed President Donna Martin and Vice President of Operations Carl Auer offered up letters of resignation after persisting under  questionable business practices.

In the leaked emails Martin sent to DiMarko Chandler, owner of GLV, she reveals that in a prior conversation, Auer stated that he would be quitting after the boot-campers graduate over increasing frustrations with company practices. Martin goes into further detail showing the faults with the current business structure and financial reporting system in place. Martin further detailed how she was not provided with the check stock to track the company payables and alluded to the possibility of transactions being done behind her back. She also mentioned that GLV has not filed a tax return since 2012 and the 1099s, mandated by law to be mailed out by the 31st of January, has not been filled out and completed for the company’s contract employees.

Martin stated that before turning in her resignation, she was able to complete and mail a total of 32 1099s for the tax year 2014. The other 1009s she was not able to complete due to missing information. She broke it down as follows:

“Chris Chisam – I do not have a W-9 for Chris. When I contacted him, he refused to give me his address and social security number because of the way he was treated by the company.
Graham Noble – I have asked Gricelda for the receipts showing the money gram totals issued to Graham during 2014, but I have not received them.
Crystal Ball – While Crystal is still in boot camp, I know she is working in the office with DiMarkco. She has not filled out a W-9 so I do not have her address and social security number. 
Halston Franklin – I do not have a W-9 for Halston. DiMarkco assured me he would get the information from Crystal and Halston. I never received it.”

Martin also alleges misappropriation of funds by Chandler through Jim Malone. Martin stated that Chandler would send money to Celisse through Malone. On paper it appeared that Malone earned the money but a portion of it went to Celisse through his Paypal account. Martin spent countless hours with Malone poring over earnings to determine the accurate amount he took home, the amount that went to Celisse at the behest of Chandler, and how much he owed GLV in advances he received. Martin said, “These types of transactions (getting this one to pay that one to hide it from the other one) should be avoided as it relates to the business accounts.”

Martin raised other areas of concern as well. According to Martin, the current payroll system employed by GLV is outdated and needs to be abandoned. She reportedly brought this up to Chandler’s attention numerous times but to no avail. She also met with Chandler to discuss ways to increase content production. Chandler suggested that she ask in the team meetings for the writers to write as much as possible in the month of October since it would be the last commission-earning month prior to Christmas. Per Martin’s recounts, “Many of the writers rallied as we were also offering contests with hefty payouts to the winners at the same time. Contest winnings were paid on time; however, I was not allowed to pay the writers for October earnings by December 20, which at that time was still payday. This was a total morale buster and made me look like a liar. Many people were hurt and angered because they were depending on this money to buy last minute Christmas gifts, but that is not all. Christmas bonuses were supposed to be paid out based on content production. However, I was not allowed to give anyone a bonus. Writer stipends were supposed to be implemented with January payroll, but DiMarkco has already told me I cannot do that either. Incentive programs should not be announced unless you are going to follow through and actually pay the writers.”

Many writers who left the company, either by quitting or being fired, have not received their last one to two months pay, such as Robert Pannier, Alan Milner and Beth Balen to name a few. She explained this to Chandler but he stated that he would not authorize payment. He has even said on a few occasions that someone will “have to talk to him” or else he or she will not be paid. Behavior like this is just begging for a lawsuit says Martin.

In regards to the contracts that were promised after graduating “Hell Day”, Martin stated that Chandler advised her to delay the contracts for a minimum of 30 days. No one should be working without a contract said Martin. In addition, the contract language and non-disclosure agreement needs to be updated to reflect the payday change to the 25th and the new variable stipend/revenue share program.

In regards to the “CASH System”, Martin notes that it was Chandler’s idea eventhough he has led other staff members to believe that it was Martin’s brainchild. She said that she would never create a policy that would hurt the writers and take money from them, especially money they had already earned. After speaking with co-founder Bonito regarding the issue, he did not like the idea and said he would come up with the money to pay the writers.

Bonito did deposit enough money to cover GLV’s payroll however, Chandler  instructed Martin to implement the stipend/revenue share program effective in January with November payroll, two months after writers had “earned” that money, and with no prior warning to the upcoming changes.

She was able to convince Chandler that she could not completely withhold money that had already been earned, so he allowed her to defer a portion of the payments for November and December and said the full cut would begin with January payroll, payable in March. He went on to say that Martin could not pay off the outstanding balances for November and December until April at a rate of 20 to 25 percent per month until the balances are paid in full.

This story is ongoing. We will keep you updated.

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5 comments on “Leaked Emails Embarrass Guardian Liberty Voice Part 2

  1. Heather DeForest Pilkinton
    February 23, 2015

    I have the same issue – DiMarkco used my paypal to funnel money to Celisse as well. If somebody needs these, please contact me at I have an entire folder on GLV and some of the practices.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stevenson Benoit
      February 23, 2015

      Can you email it to me?


      • C.F.F
        May 20, 2015

        Hi Stevenson, I just left you a voicemail on the 305 number you have listed on your site. if you could please check it out & give me a call, I’d appreciate it.


      • Stevenson Benoit
        May 21, 2015

        I have not received a voicemail.


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