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ISIS Brutality Back to the Basics in Recently Released Video of Syrian Prisoner’s Execution [Video]

ISIS Brutality Back to the Basics in Recently Released Video of Syrian Prisoner's Execution [Video]

In the film the unidentified killer wears the now familiar uniform of the Islamic State executioner – a black robe, a black balaclava to mask his identity and a brown leather gunbelt.

But in a departure from the terror group’s notorious beheading videos, this latest execution is carried out with a pump-action shotgun – a weapon more often associated with gangland killings in the U.S. and Britain than jihadis.

The film begins with the captured soldier – understood to be a member of Bashar Al-Assad’s Syrian Arab Army – wearing a military combat uniform as he is made to read a statement to the camera.

He is then seen having his hands tied behind his back being marched to an area of scrubland behind a stone wall beneath a hill.

Islamic music – known as a nasheed – accompanies the video as the prisoner appears resigned to his inevitable grisly fate.

After being led to the courtyard the prisoner is forced to kneel in front of the executioner while he issues what appears to be be the customary warning to the enemies of the Islamic State.

When he finally finishes ranting the killer raises the shotgun and fires a single round into the back of the man’s head, causing him to slump forwards, face-down in the dirt.

The video finishes with a graphic slow-motion playback of the blasting of the shotgun into the man’s head, as well as gruesome close up shots of his dead body.

The shotgun method of execution marks a departure from the now familiar beheadings witnessed in previous videos but the impact is no less graphic.

The most recent video execution, before the film of the ‘shotgun’ killing was released, was that of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh who was burned to death in a cage.

The release of the video, which may have been filmed some weeks ago, shocked the world and provoked a military response from the King of Jordan who launched a series of air strikes against the extremists’ strongholds in northern Syria.

ISIS terrorists have killed 2,000 people in Syria during the past six months, the majority of them civilians.

Over the past two months, ISIS has also executed 120 of its own members, most of them foreign fighters trying to return home, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

ISIS has taken vast parts of Iraq and Syria and last June declared a caliphate in the territory under its control. Since then it has fought the Syrian and Iraqi governments, other insurgent groups, and Kurdish forces.

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