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Patrick Dubbert Is Seeking $210-240K from Walmart Heiress Paige Laurie after Divorce

Patrick Dubbert Is Seeking $210-240K from Walmart Heiress Paige Laurie after Divorce

Paige and Bo, right, dated during their senior year of high school and married

The man who’s getting divorced from Walmart heiress Paige Laurie says he’s become accustomed to their lifestyle and needs around a quarter of a million bucks a month to keep the yacht afloat.

Patrick Dubbert — who separated from Paige after less than 6 years of marriage — says in legal docs obtained by TMZ, he misses his life and she needs to fork over between $210K and $240K a month AFTER TAXES (gross would be just over $400K a month) for necessities that include:

–  Rental home — between $40K and 60K a month
–  Furniture — $10K a month
–  Personal chef — $6,700 a month
–  Clothes — 5K a month
–  Personal trainer — $2,500 a month
–  Vacations $30K a month (but that includes NetJets)
–  Entertainment $80K a month
–  Personal stylist — $1K a month
–  Driver — $4K a month

Dubbert complains he was living with Paige in their $11 million home, and now he’s stuck in a Santa Monica apartment half of the year. He spends the other 6 months with his parents in Jefferson City, MO.

Dubbert’s argument — he’s worked for her company, and he needs some time to get back into the job market — and money — to get back on his feet.

And he says, the law is the law and he’s become accustomed to their lavish lifestyle, which included yacht parties that costs $500K a pop, travel in the Walmart private jet, and on and on.

He says Paige rakes in $872K a month just from stocks and dividends, so she can more than afford to pay him.

Here’s the hardest one to swallow. He wants HER to pay him $2,500 so he can make charitable donations.



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