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2nd Lapeer County Mounted Unit Horse Reportedly Attacked by Coyotes

2nd Lapeer County Mounted Unit Horse Reportedly Attacked by Coyotes

Another Lapeer County Sheriff’s Mounted Division Horse was chased by coyotes Friday, but this time the mare was injured during the chase and survived.

Lieutenant Bruce Osmon, head of the mounted unit, said the incident happened Friday, Jan. 30, around noon at the same farm near the area of East Oakwood and Hosner roads where a horse was killed Sunday.

Osmon said the first coyotes were spotted around 11 a.m. and were chased off, but around noon they came back and started chasing the horses again. He said neighbors saw Lady — a horse that is part of the mounted division — down on the ground with a nearly 2-foot-long gash along her abdomen.

“They got her up to the barn where it took the vet a couple of hours to close it up.” Osmon said.

The cut along Lady’s side was likely caused by running into something while the coyotes were chasing her, Osmon said.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and wildlife specialists were at the farm to investigate the attack. Osmon said the coyotes have also attacked chickens and ducks on the farm.

Friday, Lady was transferred to another farm where she could recuperate and heal. The six other horses from the mounted division on the farm were also moved to other farms for the time being.

The first mare killed was 27-year-old K.O. Carmen after she was let out to eat on Sunday, Jan. 25. It was a slip and fall that led to the coyotes attacking and wounding K.O. around 3 p.m., according to her owner. The horse had to be put down because her injuries were so severe.

Residents who have seen coyotes in the area or are concerned should eliminate all outdoor food sources, clear out wood and brush piles, as well as keep pets inside or accompanying them outside if coyotes have been spotted in their area, officials say.



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