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Anonymous is Rallying Protesters for Operation Death Eater [Video]

Anonymous is Rallying Protesters for Operation Death Eater

Hacktivist group Anonymous is calling for a day of protest against paedophiles who take advantage of their wealth and power to abuse children.

Operation Death Eaters aims to rally people in preparation for a series of street protests, scheduled for Friday, 13 February.

The campaign – which references disturbing cases in the UK that have led to a (delayed) judicial inquiry, as well as in other countries including the US and the Netherlands – is calling for justice for victims and punishment for perpetrators.

“Child rape, torture, abduction and even murder, including extensive child trafficking networks, have been covered up by those who are meant to protect,” a press release from Anonymous claims.

“They have failed the position we gave them. They have abused the privilege and power we allowed them and used it against our children. We will fight for those you have silenced. We demand independent inquiries untainted by the corrupt, with full power to investigate. We demand an end to secrecy,” it continues.

Anonymous is best known for online protests against opponents of free speech, copyright enforcers, and other groups to which the loosely-knit group is ideologically opposed.

It has aligned itself to the Occupy movement and more recently against the Ku Klux Klan following threats by a local chapter of the Klan against protesters in ‪Ferguson, Missouri.

Street protests by Anonymous are rare but not unprecedented. In fact many members of Anonymous famously got to know each other through picketing the Scientology branches during Op Chanology at the very start of the movement in 2008.

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