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#BostonStrong as Mystery Man Shovels Snow off Boston Marathon Finish Line [Video]


Philip Hillman was taking a break from working in his Boston hotel room in the midst of Tuesday’s crippling blizzard when one look out the window resulted in an inspiring image of the city’s strength.

Hillman saw an unidentified man shoveling away the snow from the finish line of the Boston Marathon at noon on Tuesday. From the window of his room at the Charlesmark Hotel, Hillman tweeted a photo with the iconic hashtag #BostonStrong. The photo was then shared by his friend Gabrielle Daniels, who wanted to find the man’s identity. The photo soon went viral, and now the Boston Police Department is trying to solve the mystery.

#bostonstrong“I thought it was a powerful image when I looked at it,” Hillman told “I’ve been a resident of Massachusetts my whole life. For us, that finish line has become sacred ground. When I looked out there and saw that, I thought, ‘How cool is that?’ I love my city. It just was like, Boston is strong, and even the storm couldn’t stop us.”

Hillman, 44, who is a district manager for Rodney Strong Wine Estates, is from Lincoln, Massachusetts. He had gone to the hotel to work because of power outages as a result of the storm. The blizzard was still going strong when the man cleared the finish line, which was soon covered again by snow once he left.



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