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An Open Letter to Edward Snowden…


Dear Edward Snowden,

I speak only on the behalf of myself when I say “Thank you” for your contribution to an open conversation about privacy and government transparency. It was inevitable that corruption would rear its head under the guise of security and sink its fangs and drink from the blood of existence. As an unknowing watcher, the good that lives in you and the majority of the population answered its calling.

Some would view you as brave and courageous while others would consider you a traitor. I view you as regular Joe Schmoe who witnessed something your conscious would not allow you to be silent about. You did not want the scrutiny and attention this has caused. You’re not risking the lives of everyone you love for exclusive interviews and book deals. You are unable to return to your own home and are separated from your family. The only way they will allow you back in the country is locked up or in a pine box. You didn’t want that.

snowdenFor the life of me, I “logically” can’t understand the reasoning of why they are adamant about “prosecuting” you after such a legitimate contribution to American legislation… logically. I suppose that is why Thomas Jefferson said that the ‘tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants’. You exposed the lack of oversight as our government valiantly tries to save us from the clutches of individual freedoms; the very reason Europeans confiscated this land allegedly.

Repeatedly, the spin on stories that have been force fed to the masses have proven to be false. Over and over again, government officials are paraded through the circus called the court system and little accountability is given. While the population enjoys a moral victory, it is still business as usual. Names of departments are changed to mask that the same garbage is still being manufactured. Players are substituted for other players and the game keeps going on.

snowdenJulian Assange and Bradley Manning were contributing factors to the conversation as well but you pushed it over the tipping point. As they tried to do damage control with the aforementioned leaks, you exposed them with their skirts up to the world. It gives another meaning to, “bend over and show the world”. I can’t imagine having to look over my shoulder as much as you now have to do. I don’t know the specifics of how you’re living now but I know it exceeds what you imagined.

Maybe one day enough people will comprehend the magnitude of your sacrifice and inform their congressmen/women that they are aware the best way to create change is by disrupting the cash flow. The greedy bastards will lose what we’re paying them through taxes as well as what they bring in on the side. They will lose it all. Such is destined for someone who doesn’t practice self-control.

We the people installed this government. We the people built this country. We the people placed these individuals in offices to SERVE us. We the people have to accept our responsibility. We the people have to clean up our mess. We the people thank you Edward Snowden.


The Intercept


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