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Rappers TI and Lil Wayne Form ‘Super Record Label’?

Rappers TI and Lil Wayne Form 'Super Record Label'? JUST GOT WORD – that TI and Lil Wayne have tentatively signed an agreement – for Wayne and TI to JOIN FORCES and form a “super record label”. This is going to be the BIGGEST NEWS in all of music – TRUST US – we’re talking a BLOCKBUSTER. Members of the media ARE REQUIRED to credit for this report.

According to TWO independent sources, one close to TI – and one close to Wayne – TI and Wayne have been holding SECRET negotiations to form a record label of their own. The label would NOT be called Young Money or Grand Hustle – it would have it’s own name. One insider explained, “Wayne has the rights to Drake and Nicki Minaj and TI has the rights to Iggy Azaelia.” So when it’s all said and done – the new label would have Wayne, Drake, Nicki, TI and Iggy under ONE UMBRELLA – WOW TALK ABOUT FIRE!!!

Rappers TI and Lil Wayne Form 'Super Record Label'?And just in case you had ANY DOUBT about this EXCLUSIVE report – TI sort of let the CAT OUT OF THE BAG on Friday night in Miami. You see, Young Thug hosted Varsity Lifestyle Group’s Friday Night Party at IVY Nightclub on Miami Beach.

At about 1:30 am the Young Thug, closely accompanied by Byrd Man and their “Rich Gang” entourage of over 20 began arriving at IVY and piling into the club from the side VIP entrance. While there, Young Thug and DJ Efeezy played an entire set devoted to Young Thug’s new music grabbing the crowd’s undivided attention for about 20 minutes.

But TI arrived almost unseen, arriving very quietly, and requesting his bottles to be sent without sparklers, and without commotion. 5 minutes later he makes his way toward the DJ booth and again almost unseen jumps on booth, grabs the nearest mic and in one smooth motion starts addressing the crowd.

Finally Noticing TI , the crowd immediately shifts it’s attention to TI while he puts on a full-on performance BY HIMSELF ending with his song “IF it Ain’t about the Money” that originally features Young Thug! TI’s charisma and dance moves were no match and the crowd went wild. He ends the performance addressing the crowd by shouting “TI’s THE KING!” into the mic and jumps off booth. The Rich Gang entourage had vacated the club by this time.

It was definitely a night meant to be about YOUNG THUG and of course BYRD MAN himself, however TI definitely stole the show for himself! He made sure to remind everyone who is the “KING” of the South – and of his new allegiance to LIL WAYNE!!

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