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Dead Kennedy’s Concert Interrupted by Couple Having Sex on Stage

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Team 10 obtained an explicit photo of a sex act being performed right in the middle of a Solana Beach concert.

It happened Thursday during a Dead Kennedys concert at Belly Up Tavern. The woman is fully exposed and lying down on the stage.

“This was something definitely different to see at a punk concert,” Chris said, who attended the concert.

Chris, who didn’t want to give his last name, said a number of people took photos of the man and woman. Many then went back to listening to the band.

“I think it was more an oddity, people just saw something strange for a few minutes,” Chris said.

Team 10 called the sheriff’s department to find out if the unnamed man and woman could face charges. A spokesperson pointed us to PC 314, which states that any person who exposes his or herself in a public place can face a misdemeanor if others are “offended or annoyed.”

At this point, the sheriff’s department said there were no official complaints made to the agency, but it could be a violation of the business and professions code.

The management at Belly Up Tavern released this statement to Team 10:

“Of course, we don’t condone this activity in our establishment and security stopped it right away. This is certainly a first for us.”

Chris did not see security stop the couple, but a spokesperson for the music venue said security did throw them out.

The sheriff’s department said they will work with the business to look into what happened.

By Melissa Mecija

ABC 10 News


2 comments on “Dead Kennedy’s Concert Interrupted by Couple Having Sex on Stage

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  2. A nearly nude woman, a sexual activity that is probably illegal in Utah, and now Calvin Coolidge. Bacon’s Rebellion is too small of a venue. It’s time for an appearance on Dr. Phil.


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