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While Pushing KFC and Alcohol Breast Cancer Awareness Group Claims Organic Food Harmful to Women

organic food

The breast cancer awareness group known as Susan G. Komen — think pink ribbons emblazoned on everything during breast cancer awareness month — has stooped to a whole new level of stupidity with claims that organic food may not be safe for women.

On its website, Komen claims that consumption of organic food is “a controversial issue,” as if clean food is some novel concept that only recently emerged as a hippie fad. The group warns that women shouldn’t necessarily opt for organic food over conventional because “research is lacking in this area.”

“[C]laims of higher nutritional value and lower toxic contaminants in organic foods currently have little scientific evidence supporting pronounced benefits,” claims the organization, which purports to be all about preventing and curing breast cancer.

organic foodThese and other hilariously ignorant claims by Komen are clearly meant to deter women from making positive dietary changes that would actually help them avoid developing breast cancer. Instead, Komen would rather women continue scarfing down buckets of carcinogenic fried chicken from KFC and bottles of alcoholic Mike’s Hard Lemonade, two Komen supporters that stand to suffer financially from women choosing organics instead.

As you may recall, Komen launched a ridiculous “Buckets for the Cure” campaign back in 2010 that Natural News initially thought was some kind of joke or parody. It turned out to be true — Komen had partnered with fast food chain KFC to sell pink buckets of fried chicken to women in order to “end breast cancer forever.”

The obvious derangement in this plan is that KFC’s fried chicken is highly toxic, as the acrylamide chemicals produced during frying have been shown to spur the growth of cancer cells. Not only this, but KFC chicken is loaded with toxic monosodium glutamate (MSG), which is also a known cancer promoter.

Natural News


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