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Miley Cyrus Goes Native for V Magazine


Miley Cyrus has done some racy things in recent years. We all know that.

But new photos for V magazine might be pushing the break-the-Internet bar to a new low (if that’s even possible).

She’s naked. She’s standing up in a bathtub. She has bubbles covering her private parts, and bubbles barely covering her breasts. She also, in a kid-like move, has bubbles making a beard on her face.

You can see the photos here.

Along with that fine, full-frontal photo, there are more than a dozen other shots of naked or near-naked or not-naked Miley, described as “her most intimate Polaroids” from her travels from Los Angeles to Helsinki to Argentina, taken on her Bangerz tour. A fully nude foldout poster of Cyrus is available, too.

Miley hyped the photo shoot on Instagram, saying “weez a bunch of happy hippies ova hurrrr.”


What do you say: Is this Miley’s “most shocking” shoot yet, as the Daily Mail calls it. Or is it ho-hum, just another day in the life of Miley Cyrus?

USA Today


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