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Big Krit: The Soul of Hip Hop Revived


Hipsters and hip hop purists can agree on one thing; Big Krit brings the soul back to Hip Hop. Born Justin Scott from Meridian Mississippi, Krit (King Remembered In Time) is well on his way to being a likely successor to southern rap legends UGK, Scarface, and Outkast. It is evident in his production that he draws his influences from the same stating, “That’s what my iTunes consists of”.


Big Krit’s career began in 2005 but only recently can he now be found on the margins of mainstream notoriety. With notable features from Bun B, Curren$y, Ludacris, and a host of other acts, Krit brings trunk rattling, ground shaking bass, melodic lines, and country fried living to an old school Cadillac near you.


Although Big Krit has released several free mixtapes, including the See Me On Top series, since he started, it is 4Eva N A Day that will go down as being his “Illmatic”. A conceptual project, Krit takes you on a journey through a regular day beginning with the opening track 8:04 AM going straight into Wake Up. As he “wakes up” he starts his day with thanking God for everything and iterating the need to remain humble. In an industry where speaking life and creation is not promoted, Big Krit, unashamed, references his faith and spirituality openly.


Through the course of the mixtape, he touches on various topics of everyday life from the teachings left behind by his grandmother to dealing with the constraints of a relationship while pursuing his dream. Not one to be braggadocios about money and material things, one thing remains constant though which is his homage to the old school Cadillac. From 1986, his born year as he eloquently raps it, to Me and My Old School, Big Krit sticks with his formula of hard hitting bass lines with matching lyrics that demand your attention. In Handwriting, Krit talks about the struggles of staying true to self while still fulfilling label obligations. He gives recognition to Bun B and Ludacris for their support and belief in him during his time in the skeptics’ eyes. Ever the thinker, Big Krit closes out the mixtape sounding the alarm for a generation to wake up and be aware of the traps laid out around them.


Big Krit follows up 4Eva N A Day with his debut album Live From The Underground which further lifts him into the public’s eye. After dropping the album, Krit releases King Remembered In Time and Week of Krit as he prepares his sophomore effort Cadillactica. Cadillactica is the birthplace of his musical conscience. Over the summer, Big Krit dropped the first single off Cadillactica, Mt Olympus, decrying the need for his region’s acknowledgement. He lashes out on the DJ Dahi produced track, forcefully grabbing attention as much as pining for it with verses and a hook that airs out his exasperation with not being taken seriously according to HipHopDX.


The hook alone sums up his sentiments towards the music industry that is just now beginning to take notice. Krit recently dropped the 2nd single off Cadillactica, Pay Attention ft Rico Love but it is Lost Generation ft Lupe Fiasco that steals the show. Big Krit is not known to have another artist best him on a track but Lupe does just that as he digs at the propaganda of the hip hop industry. His controversial and scathing verse puts in perspective what is fed the mass public.

Is Big Krit the soul of hip hop? Is he rap’s conscience making a comeback? Decide for yourself. Listen to the words in his songs. Or you can turn your 15’s up and break the lever. Either way, like on Big Krit’s song, Dreamin, he has turned so many doubters into believers.


***** This is a copy of my article for Guardian Liberty Voice *****

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