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Hello my fellow readers. It has been a while since I have written anything blogwise. It has been a pretty busy year with its fair share of ups and downs. Needless to say though, most of what I set out to accomplish this year has come to pass and more doors are opening. Allow me to fill you in.

Second Chances


For those who don’t know, I released my first official music video back in June of this year for my song, Second Chances. It is available on youtube. Just search under “second chances stevie bee” and you’ll find it easily. I had a great time shooting the video and a special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved with making that vision a reality.

P-Squad Production Studios


A major plus this year was the acquisition of my own studio. It is located less than two minutes from the heart of Homestead. The studio is available to the public for audio and video work. The studio was acquired in June of this year.



I was chosen by Coast 2 Coast to showcase in their music convention Labor Day weekend in Miami. If anyone happens to be in town Friday August 30th, the show is at Club Therapy in Downtown Miami. Come out and support and witness this breath of fresh air.


I was also chosen to perform at Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, LA, September 26-28. The P-Squad team will be in attendance and are looking forwards to rocking the show out there and meeting with all of our fans. Within the coming week, we’re going to post up a campaign where you, the ones who make it all happen, can help us make it to New Orleans and back. We are grateful for your support. There would be no me without you!

A couple more shows on the horizon before the year is out so I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on that.



Lastly, I have appeared in several print and online publications this year. I was featured in WWS Magazine, Illuminati2G, & Pop Vulture Mag. I was just recently selected to be featured in H.Y.P.E. Magzine due to be released before the year is out as well. A successful year thus far and greater things on the horizon.

I thank all of you and continue to do what I do for you.

Peace & Blessings,

Stevie Bee


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