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I Still Love Her (Hip Hop)


My eyes ease at the pleasing feeling that succumbs me when you embrace me
forever seems not long enough to enjoy but still I take what I can get.
Your voice, the melody to the harmony of life plucking notes,
these melodic strokes make folks sing of hope
but with each breath a love shines like the moon’s glow
only to escape the sunrise with but a good morning.
The words fall off your lips and as they land gracefully upon
the drums of my ears, my heart skips to a new beat.
The cadence of my feet the speech to which my actions speak.
Our past a rocky one but we love to hate.
Or do we just hate to love?
Soothing words to calm the troubled seas are whispered
while skipping verbal pebbles splashing wildly.
Dare I say it?
I still love her.
I still love you.
A loyal shipmate.



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