The Lyrical Elitist

We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Lost In This World


Maybe it’s how I came up I can’t help but to see
cause my daddy did it off the muscle
love for the crabs but I couldn’t do the mussel
oh you want this good life, well my son you gotta tussle is what he telling me
Every time I write now I can hear him telling me
but day and night living at the bottom of my problems
will make a brother want to reach out to his father
but that time has passed when you became a father
ask lil homey where his daddy at, that dude didn’t even bother
painting false pictures of full pitchers
two shots of this liquor will get you addicted to knowing that you gon’ win
you just gotta hustle for a few more min
I was gon’ get right back, give me a few more min
he walked out the door and he ain’t seen him since
when’s the last time you heard him spit like this
invisible bars with locks as thick as bricks
I guess I’m lost in this world.

Bolt cutter gut checks this life I cashed is suspect
deemed a convict with each bong hit
a long whiff make him long quick for a down chick
with candles lit, superficial reasons, no love in the mirror
just breathing, my words cold as the change in the season.
Seen a kid at the park, his chopper caught up in the trees
and maybe cause he heavyset he reminded me of me,
no one trying to help the homey,
I lived his story,
so I reached out to him and I got up in those trees.
This anecdote a reflection of how I’m feeling
of how I’m living reaching for the heavens
and help is what is missing.
If I can just touch it maybe I’ll fly like his engine
but I’m caught up in my own branches stuck between the leaves.
Every time I open up they taking what I’m giving,
I can’t seem to give enough, trying to fill my shelves up,
its another season and I gotta get my dubs up.


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