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We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Dear Tear Diary (Flo Originale)

Tears dripped then dipped into a dark chocolate misery,
Bottled up memories signed and sealed for delivery.
Tears filled the void of mystery while other tears caught a ride to victory,
Tears that burned the tears that yearned for a rolling deep of chemistry.
Tears that conquered pride
from tears that I couldn’t hide,
Tears that spilled pain that made me lay and wait to die.
Tears danced down mascara and painted war marks on my face,
These tears called out to dreams that I was too afraid to chase.
Tears out of place collided with tears with no space,
Tears that were late crashed into tears with no brakes.
Tears that cried rape left swollen eyes with sore visions,
These tears filled ears on pillows after no one would listen.
Tears from a broken home left other tears alone,
Tears I couldn’t explain gave me a way to right the wrong.
Tears filled with anger created a slaying super saber,
These tears were a spellfire long sword that had no mercy for my haters.
Tears with no rest made it hard to seem blessed,
It’s hard to fight back tears when everything around you is a mess.
Bipolar tears with the taste of salt water and Irish beers,
Fell next to a well known stranger who made me wish these tears were his.
Tears from the cheating caught up with the years of creeping,
Then those tears turned to poison and spiked the wine he was drinking.
Tears of discernment found her not to be a friend,
So I cried some tears on her lipstick and never heard from her again.
Tears under submission turned to tears with cruel intentions,
Eyes turned Christian Grey to dominate tears to do more killing.
Tears from painful actions turned innocent tears to acid,
So long to the hands that wiped them guess no clapping in their caskets.
Tears sick of being dropped so tired of being mopped then mocked,
So I drowned enemies in my tears then beat them with the mop after the tears stopped.
Tick tock tattoo tears dodging death duty from an ink stained insane state of pen,
No regrets and no tears of remorse for the next victim who makes me cry again.



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