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Isn’t It A Pity (Flo Originale)

Lord isn’t it a pity… My God!
It feels so unnecessary,
But my faith in You keeps my tongue restrained, knees bent and my lips praying.
Just a little time, a little care, a little note written in the air.
Just a little thank you, few bread crumbs or a genuine hand,
Within this struggle to survive that accidently connects the ones never silver spoon fed.
We just forget to give back because we’re

 moving too fast. Moving
But some things take too long and that I cannot explain.
The beauty that surrounds us was always there, but we never saw it.
Thinking things can change and still exist the same.
What a pity to be programmed that way.
Isn’t it a pity when you want to feel sorry for yourself… But you can’t?
I heard a song and it was right,
The most amazing things CAN come from the most terrible life.
But isn’t it a pity when that moment prefers not to tell time… anything.
Isn’t it a pity.
#I Am Nina Simone… FEMI1FLO

One comment on “Isn’t It A Pity (Flo Originale)

  1. like
    December 1, 2012

    Good Morning, I just stopped in to visit your website and thought I’d say thank you.


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