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Soul of a Soldier Press Release

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Contact: Joanna Thomas
Office: 678.234.4480

Soul of a Soldier: Reflections by Stevenson Benoit In a collection of poetry with various topics ranging from love and romance, to corrupt government and bouts of depression, Stevenson Benoit releases his debut book, Soul of a Soldier. Everyday thoughts and feelings are brought into new light as he uses introspection to analyze his course of action. The reader is pulled into his thought process while at the same time, reflecting on their own.

Miami, FL. 09/17/2012 The book is a collection of poetry written over the years. They cover a wide range of emotions and situations that he experienced over the years. He was encouraged to put all the poems together and make a book with them. Considering the book is aptly titled Soul of a Soldier, and that it is a journey through his life, the cover of the book shows a soldier strapping his combat boots as if in fact preparing for a journey… a journey through his life. He shares his experiences with others and shows that they are not alone with the different events that affect their daily walk through life. All the poems were personally inspired. Even religion is touched within the book. Broken Mirror covers the image the world tries to program into the masses and anything less than that is not acceptable in american society. The title was inspired by the fact that Stevenson was a soldier in the U.S. Army and that he’s also soulful finding himself often times different from his peers due to his spiritual background and upbringing.

Soul of a Soldier: Reflections by Stevenson Benoit is available on for $7.99 as well as for the same list price.

Stevenson Benoit was born in Miami, FL in October of 1982. Growing up through the public school system, English and Creative Writing was always his favorite subject. Winning various awards throughout his school career, his grasp of imagery was before his time. His cognitive skills surpassed that of his peers. After graduating high school in 2001, Stevenson enlisted in the United States Army where he served his country. After the military, he delved in the art of music making which he pursued for several years and continues to dabble in to this day.

For more information about Soul of a Soldier: Reflections by Stevenson Benoit, please visit or contact Joanna Thomas at 678-234-4480. ###


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