The Lyrical Elitist

We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Part 2

Deaf to the call I ran like Jonah and dipped
but it was in the belly of the beast that my vision was fixed,
the candle was lit with kerosene lyrics
illumination I share it
false things we cherish be the reason we perish
but still given the second chances to make amends for our parents
all but forgotten just based off appearance
selling our souls for cheap on clearance
there will be a weeping, a mourning, and a gnashing of teeth
but I’ll go smash on a beat to save he or she
that’ll listen to a misfit witness with a reason
to snitch on slithering snakes hissing
an old God flow in a new Testament living
no longer bound 2 conditions we move with a mission
back in position, Charlie Sheen on the chess board, I’m winning
punch drunk lines you accustomed to sipping
affix your glasses to receive what I’m pouring
chardonnay is flowing
sipping the true blood with the sun’s light I be showing.


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This entry was posted on September 16, 2012 by in Societal, Uplifting.

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