The Lyrical Elitist

We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Flo Originale (sic)

Head so cloudy, sorry so late

hope I’m on time for the enemies wake

While they tryna take mine hope they got time to waste

cuz I’m in the lion’s den where all Daniels pray.

Shutting the traps of baby beast who gnash their tiny teeth

poison in my pen so I write while they eat

silent night I just creep into the place where they sleep

dropping ink on the tongue of cowards who won’t keep their mouths off me

Talking about me is an expensive luxury

so when dat hood rat pays the price

I’ll tell her that God did that for me and His vengeance was free

Tackled miss tacky now I’m headed towards the war

that these fools think is over

but with me here its just begun

Sorry little ones but ya better grab your guns

see Kony had the right idea but now he wanna kill the wrong ones

but that’s how it goes when you neglect your role

and forget your moral code

crave power, feed your greed and lose ya soul

Now the US Government want him dead

now aint that something to LOL at

wanna stomp on our homeland to kill a bad man

but won’t stay long enough to cater to the homeless

Hot mess on a platter of distress and we still fighting for our right to go vote

at the polls when only God knows that these political thieves stole our voice

a long time ago.

That’s why I seek to scream solo

so I wont force no man

to go deep in the wilderness in dirty robes

but when I hit the mountain peak I’ll be glitter gold

strong, working like Ruth, killing like David,

and humble like Job.




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