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The Price Of Oil

Aghast, blood has been shed
The shedder is a westerner who sleeps in his bed

While his minions patrol blindly for fear of retribution
But deep in their heart regret their contribution

Georgey Pordgey pudding pot
Ran some oil and made it rot

He tried what he could but still he fail
So he turned to the desert to help him bail

Now he’s won and things couldn’t be brighter
He’s on fire no help from a lighter

As he rows his boat and then drops anchor
Up the bank there comes a stranger

He hops in and starts to speaking
They shake hands then end the meeting

Stranger leaves and he is all alone
So he rows back from hence he come

He goes back to la maison blanche
Has a meeting to announce a missile launch

Against an old friend who is friend no more
And 4 years later he’s hung on a cord

And he parades as if all is well
But the truth not hidden we all can tell

As sons and brothers mothers and daughters
Have not come back from trips with fathers

The nights alone become longer
While the price of oil seems to go higher

It was all for not for we have accomplished none
It is time to leave, I said it and it shall be done.


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