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Holy Matrimony

It wasn’t easy to reach this moment
To establish a journey with you and me on it
But as I stand here by your side
I wouldn’t trade anything to take this ride

We have seen it all and have struggled a bit
We even came to times where we wanted none of it
But we persevered and we stuck it through
And now on this alter before all of you

I proclaim my love to my precious dear
Whom I shall cherish year after year
When hair turns grey like the cloudy skies
And turmoil builds because of the lies

I will stand tall and place my queen on her throne
I will not leave, never to be left alone
The king is present and his present to you
Is undying commitment for him to stay true

Rain showers come as I see you march down
Never a happier moment when I put on your crown
And say that you are the queen of all queens
The love of my life, I, the king of all kings

Behind every man there is a woman
But my lady is beside me and she keeps me going
She provides counsel in times of confusion
We worship and praise, the blessings of God no losing

No line has been uttered to display my true feelings
Before you and God my love I am kneeling
Claiming to be forever your servant
Your protector, your lover, your husband un-swerving

My title has been given and my duties are clear
When you speak to me your words I will hear
And remember those words and bring to the light
All of the darkness that may cause you fright

I know the tears in your eyes are that of joy
And I kiss each one with my own pride and joy
To have met and wed the one God placed for me
Place your hands in mine and let us walk gracefully

For we have proven good still abounds
In a land of evil running rampant through towns
I ask you to love me as I will love you
This holy matrimony between me and you.


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