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We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Bred To Die

He died the last death so that He’d rise
and with Him He took the keys to our lives
locked away in Him but the enemy comes creeping
deceives us with dreams and notions while sleeping

I was born to live and share the good news
but through the cracks in the mirror came a distorted view
nothing was as it seemed but I didn’t take heed
the knowledge within I couldn’t perceive it to be relevant
the word doesn’t apply to me. I know it so I preach it
I’m cut from another cloth you couldn’t be serious that as I struggled the words I spoke to you were really for me
that as I go through I really minister to me
the road wasn’t easy and the shoes too big to fill
so I strapped them on tighter and began marching uphill
only to find soon thereafter I’d be heading back down
another low point to hold back my crown
as each mountain gets higher each valley gets lower
and the valley gets wider and filled up with water
so now I am drowning trying to stay afloat but
each day brings more rain and not enough hope
and I look around at all the bodies a drifting
motionless and listless and wonder to myself
could it be that I like the King was bred to die
in order to live again I’d have to die twice
twice is the key but we haven’t died once but we expect to move mountain and they don’t so how come
a christian in trouble prays for a miracle
you say how typical but in times of near death you don’t get philosophical
with nothing to say you call on His name
you may not love Him but He loves us all the same
adorned in battle raiment my headdress upright
albeit cliche, I am ready to die
so when the time comes, no tears in my eyes
no sorrow in my heart, in my mouth no lie
I accepted my calling a struggle to the end
I was born to live but I was bred to die…


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