The Lyrical Elitist

We perish because we know not… #TLENews

Second Chances

I used to have what I needed but it was so misleading
the green that I would breathe in
lean a daily addiction
paranoia prescriptions
women caught in conflicting decisions
lost overseas fighting a war without knowing the mission
I gave it all.
I put it all on the line and when I hit rock bottom
I put it all in a rhyme
I sold my soul for better days on mother’s day
and when I couldn’t get my peace I hit the streets in search of getting paid
I was hungry.
Tears drop for the lonely so I had to keep pushing
switching my lanes when I came across phonies,
fake homies who thought they knew me but the light they attracted to
and when the light went out it’s the roaches in back of you
that were lit to shine the way and light the path of a story teller
visions of how I got that getting louder in my cerebellum
let a real soldier boy tell them
second chances, passionate stanzas
waters the seed that’s replanted.

Clever misdirection perplexing
but the truth that I profess can take more shots to the chest and the dome, no vest
no popularity contest
Kings and queens we dressed in the finest of linen
throw it all away for nights of lies and sinning
now they tell that your life is finished
but they can’t take what wasn’t given so you just smile and grin
remember all alone and when the nights were cold
a bottle of rum to soothe the soul and still the music goes
you look back its kind of a classic, its sort of nostalgic
but the truth it was dramatic
stretched out like elastic
to pop back is second chances, no interest advances
no loan to be repaid man holy circumstances
glasses toast to the highest
not too pious to realize the cycle of disciples that fall victim to preying eyes
but I know a group of praying guys that should be epitomized
because of these second chances so the truth won’t be compromised.


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This entry was posted on September 9, 2012 by in Uplifting.

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