Good-Bye To Yesterday

2013 is drawing to a close and thoughts begin to focus on what lies ahead in 2014. Before going all in to the new year, one must look back at the highs and lows of the current year. I look back on this past year and can’t help but to take note of all my accomplishments from time to time I still take for granted. 2012 going into 2013 I laid out certain goals that I wanted to achieve. Some were easier than others. Some were completed. Others weren’t as attainable so they get carried forward into 2014. I have compiled the highlights of this past year, not only as something I’m able to come back to and look on to motivate me when I feel stagnant but also as a precursor to you reflecting on what you’ve been able to accomplish. It’s easy to overlook the successes and dwell on what would be deemed as failures but that doesn’t fuel you to keep moving forward. I’ve spent the year being more encouraging to others, feeding others positive energy, lifting them up. I’ve made some awesome friendship along the way. Like they say, be that which you want to attract. Self development should never get lost in the routine of life… so let’s get into it shall we.

In January, I was re-baptized. Some would frown on that but you know what, it was a personal decision coming off the life that I was living in Tallahassee before my move down south. I’m far from perfect and continue to screw the pooch daily but I’m conscious of it and I am able to hear the still voice inside chiding me. God isn’t through with me yet…. but I DO need to do better lol. I’m a work in progress.

421656_489876944396011_942037168_nWhat makes it even more special is that my little brother was baptized as well. I’ve sinned against every person that I know in one way or another but that is human nature. I am striving for perfection. In the love department I am still lacking but I’ve come to realize the problem there is two fold. No need dwelling on it though. I just keep working on myself and when my path leads me in that direction, I have to be ready as an individual. Until then I maximize my singular living.

In March I did my first Vlog in building the brand that is Stevie Bee. I like that it was my first but very soon after I was disappointed with my vocabulary. I speak better and write better but you couldn’t tell from that video.

Nonetheless, it was my first effort in being more visual. In further branding the Stevie Bee lifestyle (it’s more than a name) I came out with a T-shirt and matching snapback. I wasn’t ready for the volume of requests that I received but everything is a learning experience. I understood just sitting on something new for a while until everything was ripe.

58829_10100963454157128_1965388745_nI definitely dig this and there are other designs I am not ready to divulge yet. See! I’m learning to hold back lol. Also in April was my first ever music video shoot for my song Second Chances. It was shot over the span of three weekends since of course everyone still has day jobs lol. I pride myself in not half stepping what you already know so in my eyes with the knowledge at the time, the video was a great success.

We ended up not releasing the video however until June, after we acquired a new home, P-Squad Production Studios. A home base to record was one of the major milestones that we planned for 2013 and it happened. Quick plug: if you’re looking for studio time or video production work, hit us up!!!

1234276_195784370599191_283823332_nNow that the commercial is out of the way lol… Let’s move on. Now I can’t be all business and neglect the things that are near and dear to me. My favorite baby cousin came to spend some time with the fam this summer. I’m not supposed to play favorites but…. we all know sometimes there’s a slight preference deep inside you don’t want to feed too much lol. So in July, she came with her older sister, her mom, (coincidentally my favorite first cousin) and her grandmother (definitely my favorite aunt). I guess she comes from great stock. That’s 3 faves right there!!!

1069802_10101105962489288_1584403243_nThis munchkin is too cool. Don’t tell her mom I called her that though.

Back to work. Why? My goals going into 2013 were majority work driven goals. I had nothing to my name and work was the only thing I could do. So in August I was selected to perform at Coast 2 Coast Miami Convention Edition. That was a big deal for me. First conference that I’m performing at! Booking events were slow going but this came through. I jumped at it. I performed my song Love Race alongside my bros Yung Caly, Block Bezzle, and Lord Thrilla. The event was at Club Therapy. What a fun night it was. NORE performed that night and I don’t care if he reads this but his performance was sloppy. He was wasted and I feared on several occasions he was going to fall off the stage.IMG_0651 IMG_0668 IMG_0673

999004_10152341216017137_1166817913_nThings only picked up from there. The following month we were in New Orleans for the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference and performed at VASO. Special thanks goes out to my big bro Eric aka Rook-E for coming through with his fiance Amy. We had a blast!!! I’m definitely trying to get back to New Orleans asap!!!

IMG_1843 IMG_1913 IMG_1917 IMG_1919 IMG_1925 IMG_1933An abundance of grenades and hurricanes and some good New Orleans food served as a great appetizer to this music that we pursue. At VASO we performed Love Race, Remember My Name (a Block Bezzle original) and Good Times Remix.

Alas, life on the road had to come to an end… but it only furthered our desire to be on the road doing what we love. I managed to make it back a few hours before having to go to work but you know what??? It was well worth it!!! I’d do it all again!!!

After that, I continued working on my mixtape Switching Lanes Reloaded and my album Walk With Me. My birthday (10/3) came and gone uneventfully. I guess in my mind, any big day, holiday, birthday, I’d rather be out among the masses doing this music. I guess you can say it’s my first love. Several Vlogs later, No Hook was dropped. It started off as just another Vlog episode and became an unofficial music video. That was fun lol…

The video has been posted by several music blog sites and is getting a lot of love.

Shout out to Iluminati2G, PopVulture Mag, WWS, and Hype Magazine for the interviews in their publications!!!

I did more this year than I set out to do. I can look back and truly say this year wasn’t wasted. I didn’t take life sitting down. I went out there and through hard work, dedication, and love things got done. I can only take these accomplishments and use them as fuel to light 2014 on fire. Some things are already brewing and nearing boiling point so….. ;-)

PS… I’m still working on Backslidden. I’m an ambitious man!!!


Cutting Edge Music Conference



Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I’ve been selected to perform at the Cutting Edge Music Business Conference in New Orleans this year. This is a huge milestone for me as I further pursue my calling. Those that have followed from the onset have seen the progress.

Please check out my campaign link and if you are able to support, it is greatly appreciated (and the perks for supporting aren’t too bad either lol).

Thank you!

The Latest….

Hello my fellow readers. It has been a while since I have written anything blogwise. It has been a pretty busy year with its fair share of ups and downs. Needless to say though, most of what I set out to accomplish this year has come to pass and more doors are opening. Allow me to fill you in.

Second Chances


For those who don’t know, I released my first official music video back in June of this year for my song, Second Chances. It is available on youtube. Just search under “second chances stevie bee” and you’ll find it easily. I had a great time shooting the video and a special thanks goes out to everyone who was involved with making that vision a reality.

P-Squad Production Studios


A major plus this year was the acquisition of my own studio. It is located less than two minutes from the heart of Homestead. The studio is available to the public for audio and video work. The studio was acquired in June of this year.



I was chosen by Coast 2 Coast to showcase in their music convention Labor Day weekend in Miami. If anyone happens to be in town Friday August 30th, the show is at Club Therapy in Downtown Miami. Come out and support and witness this breath of fresh air.


I was also chosen to perform at Cutting Edge Music Conference in New Orleans, LA, September 26-28. The P-Squad team will be in attendance and are looking forwards to rocking the show out there and meeting with all of our fans. Within the coming week, we’re going to post up a campaign where you, the ones who make it all happen, can help us make it to New Orleans and back. We are grateful for your support. There would be no me without you!

A couple more shows on the horizon before the year is out so I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted on that.



Lastly, I have appeared in several print and online publications this year. I was featured in WWS Magazine, Illuminati2G, & Pop Vulture Mag. I was just recently selected to be featured in H.Y.P.E. Magzine due to be released before the year is out as well. A successful year thus far and greater things on the horizon.

I thank all of you and continue to do what I do for you.

Peace & Blessings,

Stevie Bee

I Still Love Her (Hip Hop)


My eyes ease at the pleasing feeling that succumbs me when you embrace me
forever seems not long enough to enjoy but still I take what I can get.
Your voice, the melody to the harmony of life plucking notes,
these melodic strokes make folks sing of hope
but with each breath a love shines like the moon’s glow
only to escape the sunrise with but a good morning.
The words fall off your lips and as they land gracefully upon
the drums of my ears, my heart skips to a new beat.
The cadence of my feet the speech to which my actions speak.
Our past a rocky one but we love to hate.
Or do we just hate to love?
Soothing words to calm the troubled seas are whispered
while skipping verbal pebbles splashing wildly.
Dare I say it?
I still love her.
I still love you.
A loyal shipmate.